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Crane maintenance requirements

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Crane maintenance requirements must be strictly carry out the following requirements
A crane, construction hoisting machinery foshan, system maintenance contract and plans
(a) the use of the crane unit does not have the corresponding lifting equipment installation project specialized contracting enterprise qualification certificate, shall be installed in the construction hoisting machinery told before sign with equipment installation maintenance unit construction hoisting machinery maintenance contract and unexpected emergency, set by the installation of equipment maintenance unit construction hoisting machinery maintenance management system, equipment maintenance plan, accident emergency rescue plan. Equipment maintenance contract shall specify the equipment maintenance content (should be not less than the requirements of this article fourth), cycle (should be no less than in this paper, the requirements of the fifth) and responsibility. Unexpected emergency contract shall specify the unexpected emergency partners, share of mobile phone number and the commitment to service and reaction time.
(2) the use of the crane units have lifting equipment installation project specialized contracting enterprise qualification certificate, shall be installed in the construction hoisting machinery told before, formulate the construction hoisting machinery maintenance management system, equipment maintenance plan, accident emergency rescue plan, the construction hoisting machinery maintenance management system and the equipment maintenance plan are the specific content of specific equipment maintenance (should be not less than the requirements of this article fourth), cycle (should be no less than in this paper, the requirements of the fifth) and responsibility. Accident emergency rescue plan shall specify the unexpected emergency partners, share of mobile phone number and the commitment to service and reaction time.
(3) it is strictly prohibited to maintenance construction hoisting machinery at night.
Second, the use and management of construction hoisting machinery
Before using (a) construction hoisting machinery, construction general contracting units, installation, maintenance, use the subcontract unit, supervision unit should jointly, signal controllers for equipment operation personnel and maintenance personnel of the safety technical disclosure, relevant responsible persons signature. Joint security technical clarificaiton can use the construction safety management in guangdong province unified with the table of the relevant equipment operation safety technical disclosure form and related equipment safety operation procedures.
(2) the construction hoisting machinery in homework homework personnel shall strictly implement the safety operation procedures and related safety operation rules, build system of succession, and fill in the corresponding records.
(3) before each class assignments and homework, construction project general contracting unit equipment management personnel shall, in accordance with the construction site on the vertical transport equipment patrol inspection system notice (built telex number 04.63) requirements, together with the workers to carry out inspections and records, found potential accidents or other unsafe factors, shall be immediately treated; An emergency, may decide to stop using the equipment and promptly report to the relevant site safety management and head.
(4) construction hoisting machinery driver indoor must be equipped with a content about the operation and maintenance instruction manual, as well as the joint security technical clarificaiton use related equipment operation safety technical disclosure form and related equipment safety operation procedures, and posted equipment maintenance unit maintenance service special line, unexpected emergency responsible person, mobile phone number. Construction hoisting machinery driver to work should take mobile phone, but no answer the phone) when operating, so as to timely report equipment anomalies and help information.
(5) the construction general contracting units shall strictly implement the rules and laws and regulations concerning production safety standards, norms, and make corresponding security protection work, and significant position setting safety warning signs.
(6) the construction general contracting unit shall, according to the actual situation, set up the corresponding equipment management institution or with full-time management personnel. Engineering construction general contracting unit equipment management organization of management personnel shall be familiar with mechanical properties, the construction hoisting machinery use regular inspection, found that the problem should be handled immediately; An emergency, have the right to decided to stop using the equipment and timely report the relevant person in charge.
3, equipment maintenance requirements
Installation maintenance unit should according to the requirements of the relevant equipment safety technical performance for maintenance system, and according to the following procedure and steps to implement maintenance work:
(a) equipment safety inspection before installation and maintenance: the integrity of major institutional performance inspection equipment, check the main steel structure and the connection and the pin shaft, bolts visible defects, check the equipment on the surface of the corrosion situation, form records, issue the installation.
(2) equipment daily maintenance: after consign is used daily maintenance should by device drivers or unit using a full-time staff responsible for operation, installation maintenance unit owes a duty of supervision and inspection of the daily maintenance content. Daily maintenance of the main content section summarized as "cross assignment method" : clean, tighten, lubrication, adjustment and anti-corrosion. , at the end of the class 10 ~ 30 minutes a day shift, patrol equipment parts, each part is normal, according to the provisions of lubrication, mechanical operation of the note is normal voice, do a good job cleaning and succession, equipment appearance neat, in order to achieve the purpose of operating normally, daily maintenance records and hand-over records to make fixed form, and as the archives management.
(3) in the process of using equipment regular inspection and maintenance: within the prescribed period of mechanical equipment for several times for maintenance and repairs, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly and maintenance as the center content. Generally by the maintenance personnel and operators to complete together.
(4) overhaul requirements (recommends, now temporarily not as required) : the overhaul is in the main assembly equipment service life have reached or close to the limit, a significant reduction in the mechanical dynamic performance, fuel consumption increase, manipulation is ineffective, or abnormal sound equipment can't display normal production conditions, the performance of adopted a comprehensive thorough means of restoring repair, make the equipment in nature (performance) and from the appearance (repainted) should be able to do the old as new. Overhaul by maintenance professionals should be responsible for implementing, must have the record, have a check and accept. For more than and close to the discarded equipment overhaul qualified certificate should be provided before installing.
Four, the equipment maintenance content on a regular basis
The exception of the floating crane construction hoisting machinery, equipment preventive maintenance shall include at least the following contents:
(a) product manual or specification requirements of the following contents:
1. Regular check (including checks daily, weekly, quarterly inspection) of all the work content;
2. Inspection, cleaning, lubrication, set;
3. The wearing parts replacement.
(2) safety device, inspection, testing and replacement of the electric protection device, shall comply with the construction lifter safety regulation GB10055-2007, the tower crane safety procedures GB5144-2006, the hoisting machinery safety regulations "GB6067-85, the used construction machinery safety technical regulations on JGJ 33-2001, the gantry and derrick material hoist safety technical specifications" corresponding job requirement of JGJ 88-92.
(3) other regular inspection content:
1. The concrete foundation, foundation bolt, attached to the wall unit, cable wind rope, changes in the state in anchor;
2. The structure deformation, cracks, rust and other visible to the naked eye obvious defects;
3. The structure combination and connection parts of the pin, bolt, such as the positioning plate, flange connection, corrosion situation, pin shaft orientation (especially boom connection pin);
4. The workings of the body, especially the movement situation and properties of brake (light); Brake wear, brake pad thinning, adjusting device, noise, etc.; Wear and tear on parts;
5. The reliability and precision of protection and safety limit device;
6. Wire rope and pulley and the abrasion of gear, rack or end of a wire rope in the drum fixed state;
7. Hydraulic equipment: pressure, pressure gauge, oil level, oil, joints, pipe fittings, oil;
8. Hook, hook nut and the locking device: visible deformation, cracks, wear and tear;
9. Connecting bolt pre-tightening force: with special wrench, standard section connecting bolt strength grade, once appear cracks may not be used;
10. Lifting moment and lifting weight limiter: ban adjust, after replacement parts should be new hoisting debugging;
11. Electrical installation: parts without looseness, work as sound, wire aging, the no condensation in the cabinet, neat row line, line code correct;
Lubrication: drive tank meets the requirements, do not allow the drops of oil leakage phenomenon;
13. Grounding resistance, the insulation of the wire and cable;
14. The reliability of the derrick material hoist rope protection device;
15. The power system and control system.
Five, the equipment preventive maintenance cycle
Tower crane and construction lifter regular inspection and maintenance period shall not be more than once a month.
Periodical inspection and maintenance of derrick material hoist period shall not be more than once every two months.
Six, the equipment maintenance records regularly
Installation maintenance unit should be developed with number of regular construction hoisting machinery maintenance record form, full records maintenance content.
After each construction hoisting machinery maintenance regularly, issued by the installation of equipment maintenance unit construction hoisting machinery maintenance records regularly form coexist in construction hoisting machinery technical files, equipment installation maintenance unit and check the maintenance people should stamp and signature, respectively. In addition, equipment installation maintenance unit should also be timely fill in the record handbook "equipment regular maintenance record", the content should include the construction hoisting machinery maintenance records regularly form number, equipment installation maintenance unit and check the maintenance people should stamp and signature, respectively.
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